Building a New Social Future
The world's evolved, it's time for social to as well.
"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."
- Walt Disney

A New Social Future
How is it that in a world that's evolving so quickly that social products still feel the same? Strangely enough, we're still using products that were invented in the 2G era. There seems to be an emptiness with the current experience and today's products are built to force humanity to be superficial.

We'd like to change that.

Social connection is a core human need, important enough to dedicate a mission to. With the advancements in technology, so much more is possible today that wasn't even possible, just a few years ago. We believe the timing couldn't be better.

Social products should be joyful. They should be built around people and not the other way around. They should be fun and should celebrate the depth of relationships. They should allow people to be their true selves and go beyond the limits that hold them back in the real world.

We're building out this new social future.
6 Principles guiding our thinking
Advancements in Tech
Cheap 4G, better smartphones & leaps in AI are finally allowing us to build absolutely brand new social experiences.
Bits Cheaper than Atoms
Today, bringing rich, luxurious experiences to the masses is faster, more efficient and cheaper online than it is offline.
Self Worth Moving Online
40% of people's waking life is now spent on their smartphones. The next generation is far more comfortable online than offline.
Vertical Communities
We don't live our lives in one massive community. We're specific in the activities we engage in (art, gaming, fitness etc).
New Business Models
That put the customer at the centre. New models that won't be ad-drive in the traditional sense (think micro-transactions, subscriptions and more).
Consumers as Owners
It's a bit strange that consumers aren't part of the value chain. Turning customers into owners is a fascinating thought.
Come join us
It's the team that counts.

The team we build, is the company we build.
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