Introducing hike direct cash transfers.
Now send money to your friends. Move over bitcoins, hike coins are here!
How it works:
  • 1. Take a snap of your money
  • 2. Attach & send it to your friend
  • 3. Share hike coins with friends
  • 4. They receive instantly
  • Is hikecoin free?
    Yes, it’s completely free. Taking our mission to connect the human race a step further, we’ve tied up with the Central Federal Reserve Bank to enable free cash transfers to all Indian cities and villages. We will also be tying up with the Indian Central ID commission to enable subsidies to be distributed via hike. Even though there are certain transaction charges, we’ll be making the service completely free as we believe in complete financial inclusion, and we believe transferring money online should cost just as giving cash to a friend, and Uday Chopra’s chances of appearing in another movie after Dhoom 3 - ZERO.
  • How does the money deposit work?
    The biggest problem in India is that most users don’t have credit cards or debit cards, and even if they do, they don’t like entering them in mobile apps and websites. Even if they do, most mobile payment gateways don't really work very well. So we solved that with our new patent pending technology which enables us to detect an image of a bank note, ping the Central Federal Reserve Bank’s servers to check if it’s valid, convert it to digital currency - hike coins (which uses the same robust distributed blockchain infrastructure as bitcoins), and invalidate the physical bank note through the Central Federal Reserve Bank’s servers, which will make the currency illegal tender. You can also alternatively insert the serial number of the bank note, and we'll automatically detect the amount and add it.
  • What if I use the bank note after uploading it?
    We have a SWAT squad on standby as well as an army of constables at our disposal. At any point, if we detect a converted bank note being used, we’ll arrest the person who uploaded it (it’s a criminal offense), so make sure that once you upload money onto the system by uploading an image of the note, you don’t use the note ever again. Or we’ll come after you.
What users are saying:
  • I used to send pocket money to my son in the city via money order, and my son used to think I’m the most uncool mother ever. Thanks to hike coins, everyone thinks I’m cool, and my son also introduced me to his friends and girlfriend.
    - Tulsi Chautala, Sarpanch, Amethi
  • I used to partayh and my fucking frnzzz never paid me back and I couldn’t even ask them for the dough, coz they’d laugh at me. Now I can just send a hike coins request to them, and they just pay up. It’s awesumm yo, I luvvv itz. I also hatez the English language.
    - Emma Yadav, hipster socialite, Delhi
  • I invented bitcoin years ago, and there have been several clones after that, but most of them are used for buying drugs and shit, and have been banned by multiple governments afraid of being subverted by geeks and having their economies destroyed. I’m happy to see it being implemented for such a noble use which will change the lives of many Indians.
    - Satoshi Nakamoto, Anonymous
  • hikecoins are awesome. hike is doing what we never could. More power to them. We’re proud to partner with them.
    - Raghu Ran Rajan, The Governator